Getting the Homeless Home
           Homelessness is one of the biggest social issues of our time.

We've developed a great program that gets people off the streets and gets them going again. We provide motivational
counseling and the right incentives that lifts people up and challenges them to move forward with their lives.
Our top priority is
to help
the homeless reconnected with family and friends. When reunification is not an immediate possibility we move quickly to
help the homeless find local housing, treatment, and/or employment opportunities. On average it takes less than five contacts
with a homeless person to facilitate an action plan that takes them
off the streets.  

When we chose to help the homeless and
live a generous life we started to change and so did the world around us. Something
incredible happened to us when giving back became a lifestyle, not an obligation. Miracles occurred when we moved from
knowing about a need to meeting a need. When we made giving a part of our lives, we realized that we had found
and that we were creating a better world for everyone.

 You can experience the joy of giving too!

Your financial gifts will help rescue another homeless person or family from this extreme form of poverty - life on the streets.
Thank you in advance for your abundant

     Give by mail:
             West Coast Care
             P.O. Box 92
             Venice, CA 90294

     Give online:
             To give online click

     Need more info? Contact:
             Ron Hooks
             Executive Director

     Are you homeless and need help?
             Meet us on the Santa Monica Pier at the southside volleyball court bleachers Monday-Friday at 10 a.m.
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West Coast Care is a 501c3 non-profit charity.
Your financial gifts are tax-deductible.